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Spare Key Requirement

Spare Key Requirement

Procedure for Spare / Additional Keys

a) Spare key shall be supplied to CUSTOMER by courier and manufactured against receipt of Original KEY or clear scan photo copy of both sides of the key & Address Proof / Identity proof.

b) Keys shall not be sent to dealers or distributors etc.

c) If you find any difficulty while uploading the documents please mail us on sparekey@europalocks.com / service@europalocks.com

Spare / Additional Key Price List MRP


Key Images

1 Key Price

Smart Key

Rs. 200.00

Smart Key With Light

Rs. 300.00

Dimple Key Big 14 Pin

Rs. 150.00

Dimple Key Small 11 Pin

Rs. 120.00

Dimple Key With Light

Rs. 250.00

5 Pin Key

Rs. 90.00

*Please note, additional courier charges applied.

Please Note:

Customer gets instant acknowledgment from us on successful submission of form. However, there are rare circumstances where due to internet connection, delay in server response time, heavy size photo document uploads...etc., the form don’t successfully go through.

In such situation, we request customers to kindly email us your details along with documents (Name, Phone no, Address, Photo ID, Address Proof, Key Photograph, Bank Transfer Proof) on service@europalocks.com, which will enable us to process your spare key request.