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Why Work With Us

We strive to live it each day for making a difference in the industry.

Inviting and rewarding employee contributions and understanding even the smallest improvements will create greater value over time. The concept focuses on achieving continuous improvement through activities on the work floor.


Ignites the INNOVATION spark within us, since we CREATE our Products literally from scratch.

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Working with Europa

Working with Europa...

Europa comprises of a dynamic, vibrant and dedicated team of engineering, sales, manufacturing and other related relevant support functions with diverse skill sets and unique talents.

What excites us as a team is our commitment to prevent India’s theft and provide peace of mind to the costumer with our high-quality products and services.

We not only believe but also encourage to strive in ownership, transparency, cross functional team work, good behavior and attitude in each team members. GEMBA KAIZEN: With empathetic approach we work towards individual bottlenecks,to ensure growth and development of each resource.

We have 360-degree feedback system which encourages transparency and better understanding between each other (employee & organization).We do not to let any stone unturned when it comes to making our bond stronger with our employee every day. Our onboarding program & product training help a new joiner adapt to the Europa culture.

Our intention is providing equal opportunities & fairness at the work-place.

We provide growth opportunity to associate by offering stretch assignments and opportunity to work in cross-functional teams.

Our performance management system, is the enabler of individual & team contributions, which are rewarded & recognized through various awards at Group and Unit levels.

We invite you to explore the vast possibilities at Europa and discover a rewarding life of Innovation, Team work, Achievement.

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