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Disc Pad Lock with Cube Hasp

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Disc Pad Lock with New Cube Hasp for highest security

Technical Information


20 Pin 6 Axes "Smart Plus" Key Technology

Surface Finish


Box packing

No. of keys

3+ 1 Light Keys

Material of Cube Hasp


Material Of Shackle

20MnCr5 with Nickel Chrome plating

Shackle Size

14 mm


Twin Pack + Common Key

Unlocking Ways


Special Features

48 hrs spare key

Anti-theft engineering

5 ton breaking force withstand capacity


Anti-Burglary Insurance

15 years Mechanical Warranty on Dimple Key locks

Combo set

Smart + Key

Lock Smart Look Smart

Shutter Grill

6 axes locking

    P990 Features

  • 5 ton breaking force withstand capacity.
  • 5 Crore key combinations : unpickable
  • Thicker Hardened Shackle with 270 degree overlap to withstand 5 ton breaking force
  • Narrow throat, to prevent crowbar entry
  • Stainless-steel fully wielded, weather tough, rust proof CASE and S.S. inner mechanism
  • Provision of SS Dust cover, protects inner mechanism against dust particles.
  • Corrosion-free and rust – resistant brass cylinder for enhanced durability.
  • 15 years Mechanical Warranty on lock
  • Secured with 4th Generation Smart Plus Key with IFBM Technology

    Cube Hasp Features

  • CUBE HASP has Strong INTERLOCKING between "U Guide" & Shutter to prevent theft attempt by pulling shutter at middle.
  • CANNOT cut open CUBE HASP due to Enclosed Design
  • Due to Cube Hasp Jemmy CANNOT access pad lock due to Enclosed Design
  • Single piece Cube Hasp Design with THICKER sheet thickness
  • Advanced Anti Theft Protection for Shutter & Grill


Front Rolling Shutter

Back Rolling Shutter

Collapsible Grill